Any Way To Attach A Link To An Image?

I’ve created a nice little image promoting a free book offer that I’d like to insert into the first book in the series. I’m familiar with the process for creating a web link in Scrivener attached to some text, but the image already says “click here for your free book”. Is there any way to attach the link directly to the image itself?

Thanks in advance!

If you select the image in the text editor (I find putting the cursor on the right and shift-left works best), then use Edit/Link… you can paste your URL into that field. The image should now be clickable in both Scrivener and the final ePub—though the latter may depend upon whether the book reader itself will allow clicks to external URLs.

Could you explain this in greater detail? Thanks, ge

It might be easier to know what part of that you are getting hung up on. To me it looks like a complete description of how to add a link to an image.