Any way to control how Keywords list opens?

Hi, I’ve been using Scrivener for about a week and am thrilled with it. One thing I find myself doing every time I open Scrivener is hitting Ctrl+Shift+O to open the Project Keywords list, then slide it to the side of my Scrivener window, then stretch it to show the full list of keywords, then click on the Sort checkbox at the bottom, then click on the “Click to sort” bar at the top. This is a lot of clicks and mouse movements to go through every time I open Scrivener, and I’m wondering if there’s any way to set Scrivener to automatically open the list already expanded and sorted. I’ve tried saving my layout, but it doesn’t save the Keywords list as part of the layout.

If there are keyboard shortcuts for these steps I could automate it with AutoHotKey, but I can’t find keyboard shortcuts other than Ctrl+Shift+O for opening the Keyword list.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



For anyone who’s interested, I was able to create an AutoHotKey macro that automates this - it opens Scrivener and positions the keyword list right where I want, sized the way I want. AutoHotKey is a great utility for creating scripts that do things your software doesn’t. If anyone is interested I’d be glad to share the script with them. Let me know.

Yea, I’d be interested
Another nice Scrivener user emailed me the Auto Hot key program which included some handy specific shortcuts he had made.
Would I be able to add your shortcuts to the existing program? If so, how?

I don’t know how to program shortcuts myself… :blush:


Hi Marta, I’m pretty new to Scrivener and love it, and had guessed there might be other AHK users out there. Maybe I’ll suggest to the admins that we start a forum for using AHK with Scrivener. I’d be interested in knowing what other scripts the other user had provided to you. I also have one that creates a child item in the browser underneath the current item with one keystroke.

Below is the script for opening up the keywords list and positioning it. However, I believe some of the values will have to change depending on your monitor size and resolution. It’s not hard to determine what they should be, AHK comes with a utility called Window Spy that’s available right off its right click menu. The changes you’d have to make are where there are numbers in the screen - e.g., “Click 1169, 1120”. These indicate specific locations on the screen that the mouse has to click, and I think they’ll be dependent on your particular computer. Window Spy makes it easy to see what values to put in there. I could explain how to use it if you want to try this out.

In the script, anything following a ; is a comment that explains what the command on that line does. If you copy this script into a text file and save it with a .ahk extension, then double click on it, it will run.

ifWinNotExist (“ahk_class QWidget”)
#S:: ; use the Windows + S key combination to open scrivener, open the Keywords dialog, and position it stretched out on the right side of the screen
Run Scrivener ; start Scrivener
; WinActivate, Scrivener ; make Scrivener the active window
WinWait, Scrivener ; wait for Scrivener to load
Click 1169, 1120 ; Switch to the keywords pane
Click 1322, 449 ; click on the Keyword menu
Send {Down}{Down}{Down}{Enter} ; select the 3rd item on the menu - show Project keywords
Sleep, 333 ; pause so Windows can catch up
WinMove, Keywords, , 1640, 127, 272, 1008 ; move the Keywords pane to the right side of the screen and resize it
Click 1532, 1115 ; click the Sort checkbox
Click 91, 42 ; click the sort bar at the top of the dialog
Click -1152, 76 ; put the cursor at the top left of the editor pane

Good luck, let me know if you have questions or need help getting this to work.


Marta - you could also copy this script into whatever .ahk file you already use, rather than creating a new one.

Tom, thanks for sharing this! I wanted to let you know I’ve also added this issue to the list for future implementation, as remembering the state of the project keywords is something that Scrivener should be able to do.

There is a thread going in the Tips forum for posting AHK scripts if you’d like to add yours! You’ll find it here.

Thanks MM - glad to know about the AHK thread in Tips, I’ll start following that. :slight_smile: