any way to copy titles only from binder documents?

Apologies if this has been broached – I couldn’t find the answer in searches of the help file, FAQ and forum.

Is there a way to select just the titles of documents in the Binder? When I select a bunch of files in Scrivener’s Binder and try to copy the titles (not duplicate the files), I get “nope” beep. When I do this in Devon, the titles get copied and I can paste the titles only into an email or text document. This is handy when an editor asks me to send a list of what I intend to write about, or when I’m creating a list of topics. I tried to workaround using Outliner and Corkboard, and no luck. Any ideas, or do I need to add another wish to the Wish List?

Probably the easiest way of doing this currently, would be to make a little export template that simply has nothing but titles set to export.

Not a bad idea… I’ll add it to the list.

You can also select your documents in the binder and drag them INTO a document in the other split. You then get a list of clickable scrivener links with just the titles. That list can be copied as text to your editor.


As i’m sure Keith will be pleased to hear, I have zero time to burble these days, but I thought this might actually help for a change.

Great idea!


Slick! Thanks! :smiley:

¡Perfecto! Gracias, Eiron. I tried doing that select-and-drag thing to a TextEdit file, to no avail. Never thought to drag it to an open document. thanks much.

De nada. 8)