Any way to have visual look of interface different for different projects?

I am working on 2 different projects at the same time and am scared of accidentally entering material into one project when I meant for it to go into another. Is there any way to wildly change the look of the interface for different projects, so it is obvious which project I am in at a given time?

I am sure other people will offer up better ideas, but in similar circumstances, I just select all text text in one project in scrivenings mode and changes its font colour so that the two projects are instantly distinct.

You can also use label colours in the binder to differentiate between projects.

Thanks! Not ideal, but it is a workaround solution. I wonder if I can change page colour instead - probably to a parchment-like colour.

I do the changing colors of Binder labels thing. Right now I have one where the chapters are pale green and another where the chapters are yellow. Scene colors are also different, and it gives a very different look to each project.

I don’t think I’d like colored text and would worry about stray codes getting into the finished project, and I’ve never looked to see if there’s a way to change the page background color. I know I used to do it under old versions of Windows by changing the Windows color scheme, but that would only give you one basic change, not let you change for different Scriv projects.

You could use a different base font, since this is easily overridden on compile. Put one in Courier and another in, well, whatever people are using instead of Times New Roman now. I only hope there are two visually distinct fonts that you can actually enjoy working in!

Thanks, guys!