Any way to import .epub or .mobi?

is there any way to import a .mobi or .epub file into Scrivener? Allowing me to then re-edit and reformat it?

Thanks for any help.

With calibre, you may convert those e-book files to several other formats, including RTF, which Scrivener accepts readily. You will then have to break them into chapters and perhaps do some light cleaning of the text, DevonTechnologies has a WordService package that contains most of the editing commands. Both tools are free.


Druid’s solution is the best way of going about this. There are no public tools for decompiling a .mobi file (I believe Calibre has updated mobi libraries that were available before Amazon bought them and made them private, but I could well be wrong there), and an .epub is essentially just a .zip file containing HTML. So for the latter, another way of doing it is changing the .epub extension to “.zip”, unzipping the file, and then importing the HTML.

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that what I currently did but wanted to avoid losing some info during conversion.
Calibre seems to be best when exporting to RTF. I tried PDF and the result would have needed too much work.

Thanks all