Any way to import/export compile replacements?

As I continue to work on my project, I realized I built up quite a collection of replacements when compiling.

Is there any way to export these to a text file (or CSV, or something similar)? The replacements tab in the compile window isn’t very big, so I can’t see the full text of the replacement, and right now I am editing the replacement patterns frequently, so it would be helpful to have a way to extract the replacements so that I could more easily see what I am doing and edit them.

No, there is no way of doing this, although you can resize the Compile window to be as tall and large as you like.

Ok, thank you!

I notice the actual file holding the actual compile format, including the replacements…is XML. I reckon it might be possible to edit that file directly, but don’t expect support if you break it.

Well as far as extraction goes, you can in fact export replacements to an easy to read plain-text format. Replacements can be copied and pasted (primarily to faciliate transfer between panes), but this also results in a plain-text output:

0  |  replace  |  with  |  0  |  0  |  0

Unfortunately you can’t edit and then paste this back in, but for a point of reference that should be easier than digging through XML files.

Thank you! Based on everyone’s input, I’m working on a bash script that automatically generates the HTML I want for the replacements, and then converts that to Scrivener’s XML, which can then be added to a compile format export and re-imported.

I imagine that this level of automation is overkill for most people, but for me, I’m testing markup via replacements for about 100 items, and it’s extremely painful to made the same edits to 100 items by hand.

What I have done is made it so that in 3.0.3 you can copy replacements out of Scrivener and paste them into a plain text editor as XML. You can then edit the XML and paste it back into Scrivener’s Replacements list if you so wish.