Any way to include a "div" in an html compile?

I have a lot of documents that I want to compile in html.
The content of each document needs to be wrapped in a ‘div’.
Is there an easy way to get the compile process to create a surrounding ‘div’?

I tried inserting the tag in the scrivener text but it appears to stop the compile process from working.

My workflow is:
Scrivener - compiled output to html - open in textwrangler, cut content - Paste into Wordpress custom post type.
Since I have a lot of documents I’m trying to cut down on the amount of work to get the docs into WP and it seems that there should be a way to automatically insert the div wrapper.


Have you tried inserting these into the Separators compile option pane? I had good luck when I experimented with this. You basically have to figure out where the starting “seam” is and the ending “seam” and where there should be a double. So basically text-text border should be a double. you need to close one div and start the next. So set it to custom and change it to “

” Then on the folder-text border, just the open div; and on the text-folder border, just a close div.

The only catch is you need to construct your outline correctly in order for this work.