Any way to increase binder icon size on 4k display?

I’m running Scrivener on Windows 10 with a 4k (3840x2160) display.

The default system settings for the Scrivener application have display scaling enabled. When I run Scrivener this way, the icons in the binder are a great size, but all the fonts in the Scrivener application are blurry. When I disable display scaling for high dpi displays and select fonts of the appropriate size, the fonts are clear, but the icons in the binder are far too small (the toolbar icons are also reduced in size, but they are still large enough to see easily).

I’d like to get the best of both worlds on my 4k display – display scaling disabled so the fonts are clear, but binder icons that are also sufficiently large. Is there any way I can do this? I tried using some large images as custom binder icons, but they were scaled down.

Actually, the icons throughout are quite small on a 4k display. Perhaps there is a way to have a High-DPI mode that uses a second set of larger icons? This, of course, would not be a Windows-only capability since lots of Macs are also using High-DPI displays, these days.

Thanks for any tips.

The issue when DPI scaling is turned off is actually worse than just blurry fonts. Some windows are not sized properly so that their contents can be viewed. I’ve attached screen captures so you can see what’s happening. The top is without DPI scaling disabled. The Corkboard option window has everything visible, but you can see the fonts are all blurry. The bottom is with DPI scaling disabled. The Corkboard option window is missing some elements, but the fonts are all very clear.

The short version: be patient.

The version of QT framework that Scrivener for Windows 1.x is built on doesn’t have the support for DPI scaling for HDPI.

The newer version of the QT framework that Scrivener for Windows 3.x will be built on does.

This problem will be fixed in Scrivener for Windows 3.x, no ETA yet but currently under development (according to multiple statements from L&L& employees) and hopefully coming just a few months after Scrivener for Mac 3.x is released.

With Windows 3.x version on the way, I hope that means a free upgrade for somebody that just bought it?

Upgrade Policy: [url]]