Any way to limit formatting?

I love Scrivener. I love how I was able to set up my standard document format template, and everything in it works naturally. It’s all words, and Scrivener helps me to focus on the words and not focus on the formatting of the page. (which isn’t relevant for me)

Well, almost everything. When I paste text in from another application – Safari, Word, Textpad, whatever – the text is formatted funny. I have to go and find the options to play with font size, color, formatting, etc until it’s in the normal font.

Please tell me there is some feature I have overlooked which will cause all text pasted into Scrivener to assume the default format? I really truly want only the default text format for every word. How can I get this?

Note: I am still using Scrivener 1 but would consider upgrading to version 2 if this was better supported.

Yes, I am aware I can pull down on Documents and go to Convert->Default Text Formatting Style. This fixes the font, but doesn’t get rid of bold or italic, nor does it fix the font color.

The pasting behaviour you are describing has nothing to do with Scrivener, it is standard Mac OS X behaviour.

Under OS X the standard pasting (cmd+v) is rich text pasting (including font, font size, font colour etc.). Of course there is a way of plain text pasting too: cmd+shift+alt+v. The Scrivener menu item for that is Paste and Match Style (you can find it under Edit).

If you paste plain text most of the time and find yourself challenged by having to press four keys at the same time you might consider changing the keyboard shortcut in the OS keyboard preferences.

But keep in mind that this will give you nothing but plain text, even wanted formatting like italics or bold, often not added for the looks but as a semantic part of the text, will be gone.

Scrivener’s Convert To Default Style is one of the very rare features of this kind that does change the looks of a text without flattening italics and such. It takes one step more after pasting a text chunk but it might still be a time saver when the pasted text contains of formatting you want to keep.