Any way to make comments as endnotes?

I need to produce a research paper that uses both footnotes and endnotes. So I thought I would use comments as endnotes and footnotes as, well, footnotes. I was hoping to export directly to PDF, but that is clearly not an option (unless I’ve missed something). I haven’t used Word in months since I got scrivener, don’t even have it on my computer anymore. The export comments gave me a glimmer of hope, but of course they aren’t numbered or have any relation to the document. I am willing to do anything right now, including manually writing them in NeoOffice, learn Latex, or buying another word processor. Time is running out, I nearly fainted when I realized it was not a feature. Please help.


Yes, you just need to export to RTF and use the options in the Footnotes/Comments pane of Compile to convert comments to footnotes. You will need a good RTF editor, though, so if you don’t use Word then NeoOffice or another OpenOffice variant of Office would be fine (or something like Nisus Writer, which is a very nice word processor with full RTF support).

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Thanks Keith! I was thought that the options on PDF was universal across other file formats. Clearly not. I am very appreciative,

Ah, I see your confusion now. Basically on OS X anything that can be printed can be turned into a PDF, so anything any given program can print can also be generated as a PDF file from that program. Word, Nisus, OpenOffice and suchlike can all print both endnotes and footnotes, so you can generate a PDF file from these programs that looks exactly as the printout would do. But Scrivener’s print is a bit more basic, only supporting end-of-document foot/endnotes, so therefore any PDF document generated from Scrivener directly will have this same limitation. I’d love to offer better printing/PDF support for footnotes and endnotes in the future (this is already on the list as a major thing I’d like to get into version 3.0 in a year or two), but this would require creating a full layout engine such as word processors have, and most such word processors have whole teams behind them, meaning it would take months of work and that I’d like to be able to afford an extra pair of hands to help with it first.

Because Scrivener’s RTF export is solid, though, and encodes all the necessary information about footnotes and endnotes, as long as you open a Scrivener-generated RTF file in a program that supports laying out and printing footnotes and endnotes, then you can generate a PDF file from that program that has all of these features.

I hope that makes sense!

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Is this a Mac-only feature?
I also need both footnotes and endnotes. When I compile to RTF, there is no handy “export comments as endnotes” checkbox. A screenshot at Comments (Messaging in Scrivener) | ScrivenerVirgin shows this option, but that’s not what I see on my menu.
I’m on windows using version
Is there another way to have both footnotes and endnotes? Thanks!