Any way to "maximise" Document Notes section?

Hi, guys. For each of my chapters, I have tons of document notes - actually the document notes are way longer than the chapters themselves. I now wish to go through and edit the document notes, but I don’t wish to go through them with them being tiny. Is there a way to Maximise this section, so that it can be edited at the proper size? Thanks.

In Preferences / Formatting, you can set the font and size of Notes.

And for existing notes, just select everything and hit the Shift-Cmd-= shortcut a few times to increase the size of the font.

You can also drag the inspector width out to be quite wide, and collapse the Synopsis and General meta-data sections above it:

[size=80]The Document Notes inspector column expanded to match editor size.[/size]

Consider saving that as a “Layout”, using the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… menu command, if you’d rather not always work that way.