Any way to "refresh" the scrivenings view?

Is there any way to quickly force a “refresh” on scrivenings view, so that changes to the binder get updated in the editor? I often rearrange files in the binder while viewing a section of my project in scrivenings view. The only way I can see to update the scrivenings view is to select the editor I want to refresh, click to a new document in the binder, then back to the first document. A quick way to do this would be really handy.

As you note, the beta still regards Scrivenings as a fixed session once you create it. However this is not a reflection of the intended complete design. Once this is complete, there will be no need to refresh, as all modifications done to the binder outline will be immediately reflected in the any editors displaying those items as a linear Scrivenings session (as opposed to a non-linear multiple selection which could be in any order). If you move an item up a slot then the text will move in the editor. If you create a new item in between two, you’ll see it show up in the editor.