any way to replace the standard folder/note icons?

is there a way
to change or replace
the 2 standard

New Folder
New Note icons

so that when i press the “+button” in the status bar below

that then my chosen icons appear?

i hate to always have to do it manually
via right-click and then selecting the icon

and i tried searching the scrivener application folder
so to just replace the 2 image files of these icons
but could not find where the standard icons are.

thanks for any help

I believe there is a way to do this, but can’t remember the exact steps, and I am rushed at the moment. I think if you set up a Scene or Folder to how you want it to look, then copy them to the Templates folder, where the Characters and Places are available in template format, with the little T, “t” on the icon. Once your folder and scene are placed inside Templates, select one of them with single left click, then single right click it, and choose make template.

However, I can’t remember if this works in Windows version yet or not.

I’ll come back tonight with my own trial of achieving this again.

No, I’m afraid you can’t. Not in the current Windows version. You can create template documents and folders with the desired custom icons as DevanGelix says, but there is no way to change the default icons (I myself looked everywhere for them, I even checked every .dll and .exe file with an image extractor tool. I guess they are encoded in the app in a way different from the usual embedding in files.).

Unfortunately, because of a bug, the custom icons do not have the handy feature, that they get coloured according to the Label colour (see viewtopic.php?f=30&t=31896&start=0).

ok, thanks guys.

then i just continue
to do it manually.

the best
custom icons look
is worth a little
after all.

We’ll add an option eventually that can kind of cover what you’re looking for. It would be a way of assigning a document template (with your preferred icon) as the default new item for a folder, and all levels below that folder. That would at least let you “override” the file icon.

There is currently a semi-solution to what you want to do.

Right Click the Templates folder, and choose Add, then Add New Text (and repeat for Add New Folder).
You’ll notice that your new Text/Folder are at the bottom of the Template folder. And that they are now Templates (denoted with a little “t” icon in the icon) themselves. Keep them in the Template folder.

Right Click the Text and/or Folder, and customize the icon to your liking. Further, customize the Text edit area if you want to create a boilerplate as template. Give them Names to your liking, for Instance, “Scene” “PlaceTextHere”, “Untitled” etc, or for Folders “Part”, “Chapter”, “Act”, “PlaceTextHere” or “Untitled”. Whatever you want it to say.

Now, Choose which one you want to have. The Text or the Folder for quick create in the Draft folder. Which ever one you use, just make sure you place it Directly below (while still within) the Template folder. This placement allows you to take advantage of Scrivener’s Shortcut Key Sequence of… before I say it, let’s refresh… For a quick new Scene, a default scene, you’d left click in the binder, the place directly above where you want to place it, and then press Ctrl+N and a new default Scene is created. Titled as Untitled.

Now that you’ve remembered the shortcut for default Scene/Text adding, and the Template you’ve chosen is in the uppermost level of the Template folder, while still within/inside the Template folder, you can left click directly above where you want to place it in Draft folder, and press and hold Ctrl, and while still holding Ctrl, press “T”, then press “N”, then release Ctrl. This will create a new Scene or Folder, duplicating what is the First in the template folder. (Denoting, I’d guess as "T"emplate, “N"ew text”.

The reason why I tell you to Release Ctrl, is if you wanted to rapid fire a few copies right away, the exact sequence is Press and Hold “Crtl”, and while still holding it down, press “T” followed by “N”, then Release “Ctrl”, then repeat as you want. Being sure that to create the next templated file, it can only be done so with that initial release and press and hold again. This way, I can create 10 very fast.

To me, although highly logical to use the shortcut key sequence “Hold Ctrl, t, n, Release Ctrl”, it’s a bit cumbersome, so I’d press F12 to bring up Options, then choose Keyboard in the left panel of the options with a single left click, then in the right panel, for Keyboards, near the top, is the word “Filter” greyed out. Single click that area, and type in the word “new”. In the Description portion, under “Project” you’ll see 3 shortcuts, as default.

Then, single left click the “Add New From First Template”, then, single left click the greyed out word “Filter” in the Key Sequence section, and proceed to alter the key press commands.

As you can see, I changed mine by pressing and holding “Ctrl, then Alt, then N”, Basically I pressed Ctrl, and held it while I pressed and then also held Alt, then pressed N. Doing it that way, means I can continue to hold Ctrl and Alt, and just repeatedly press N, to populate with Scenes from the template I created, very rapidly.

Sadly, this is only a single alternate of New Text/Folder, maybe later more can be done.