Any way to roll up synopsis? ( [Possible Feature Request]

After 15 or so months, I’m probably still misusing, abusing and confusing Scrivener. Every “using” except the right one. But here’s my question.

In Card view (Corkboard? You could provide names in the tooltips), I can see the synopsis for each visible card, but nested cards are invisible, with only their parent showing. Similarly, in Outliner view, they only show as themselves, if I expand the drop-down of their parent.

Their parent is empty.

When a document is empty, the default is to show a bit from the document. But when the folder is empty, the default is to show… nothing. Emptiness. The void that permeates our souls after a year of lockdowns. The horror.

Is there a way to get the sub-document synopsisies to roll-up to the folder level?

Or, alternatively, what is the Best Practice that I’m completely missing?