Any way to selectively restore just toolbars?

My understanding is that toolbar customizations are saved in the Options file when I save Options to file. I’m wondering if there’s any way to restore a toolbar layout without restoring all of the other options? And, as an extension of that, any way to selectively restore any other options? Or is it all or nothing?

When you export the options, the information is saved in a text file and the toolbar layout is specified in an encoded byte array in the item “Appearance\ToolBarsLayout.” You could make a backup of that options file, remove everything except the ToolBarsLayout section with your text editor, then try to restore that modified file. If Scrivener crashes or otherwise complains, restore from the backup of the full options file.

I have not tried this, so it could work, or could blow up your Scrivener install, or do something in between. So make your backups first and be ready to reinstall if everything goes haywire.