Anybody compiled for new Smashwords epub submission?

I would like to take advantage of Smashwords new ePub submission (so I don’t have to do my own table of contents). But when I tried to submit an ePub compiled from Scrivener, Smashwords said it was broken. Has anybody done it successfully. And do you have any tips?

Thanks in advance.

I found the problem. I hadn’t unticked the ‘only open in ireader’ in the ‘cover’ section of the compile options.

Glad you got it sorted!

I can’t seem to get Smashwords to accept my epub. I’ve tried the trick suggested here but it’s made no difference. I get this error message:

"There were problems with your submission:
The book file you uploaded is in a format we do not support, or it has a filename extension we do not recognize. Your file appears to be a “application/zip” file, and has a “.epub” filename extension.

Please upload your book in Microsoft Word 97-2003 “.doc” format, with “.doc” as the filename extension. If your file is in another format (Microsoft Word 2007 (".docx"), OpenOffice (".odt"), etc.), you’ll need to save a copy of it, exported as a “.doc” file, first. (Use your word processor’s “File>Save As…” or other similar export option.)

If you continue to get this error, try uploading with a different web browser.

Alternatively, if your ebook has already been prepared, you may upload it in the following format:
epub (.epub)
You can choose to do this later. Also, you may at a later time upload a .doc to convert to other formats that Smashwords supports. (Error UL1)

Please carefully correct them below, make sure all the selections are made, and then re-select your cover image (#6) and your source file (#7) before you click “Publish” at the bottom of the page."

Have others successfully used Smashwords direct? Any suggestions for what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve made progress - by opening my Scrivener generated epub in Sigil (an epub editing application). Did nothing other than a ‘save as’. Smashwords then accepted my file. It’s still says it “requires modification” for inclusion in the premium catalogue. There are so many things that could mean, it’s back to square one.

I just hate the idea of having to mess around in Word formatting in order to publish an epub. Word is the worst application in the entire universe. /rant.