Anybody Else Racing the Windows 3 Release with a project?

I am continually amused by the fact that I took a risk in 2018 of switching and devoting myself to the Windows Beta for my very, very important book project (it’s the book which has earned me tenure). It’s looking like the book will come out before the software does. :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping the beta available, Scrivfolx. I try to give back with feedback as much as I can, and you’ll be in my acknowledgments. :Starts a document for acknowledgements in the “Front matter folder”:

My collaborator and I have completed at least three book translation projects with her using the Windows Betas—over the last 2 years—to be compatible with my Mac V. 3. There are two more at least in the pipeline at the moment, with a third potential commission, as well as other small projects completed. The Betas have been well stable enough for her needs all this time and what few conflicted files we’ve encountered—or the occasional non-deleted user.lock—have been entirely due to shutting down before sync’ing has completed. We’re not racing the release, just happily getting on with the work; for us, it’ll be released when it’s ready, and the only thing of concern then is getting her licensed and activated across the GFWoC!