Anyone else having Scrivener problems with Windows 8.1?

Hello all,

So I had the NaNoWriMo free trial of Scrivener on my PC with Windows 7 and it worked great. Once it expired, I bought the discounted version on my new Acer laptop, which has Windows 8.1.

I’ve noticed that whenever I use Scrivener, it routinely freezes up when I click or type. For example, say I want to edit this sentence:

The cat is brown.

to read:

The cat is beige.

Scrivener will freeze up and then restore when I click at the end of “brown” to move my cursor there, then freeze a bit when backspacing, then take a while to produce the letters in “beige” while typing. In some cases it will show the loading circle as my cursor while I type, and in others, it will outright say “Not Responding” in the window bar until it comes to again.

Any idea what this issue could be? I’d really appreciate some assistance!


No issues here with Windows 8.1. It is certainly hard to troubleshoot, but if you’re looking for a generic answer. It works great on both my 8.1 systems and a friend of mine. We both are working on a 153,000 word book.

I experienced something like this occasionally under Windows 8.1 Pro on my old system (Pentium 4, single core, 3Ghz, originally came with Windows XP). In general, may have had to do with the slowness/single processor/age and limited memory of the aging system. Where it really showed up was when I pasted numerous images (photos) into a single text document. Trying to type within such a document was like trying to swim in molasses. Keeping the number of images within a given document to a few, or keeping the images outside Scrivener and just linking to them, resolved the issue.

I’ve since moved that Windows 8.1 Pro install (i.e. moved the hard drive it and Scrivener are installed on) into a new fast multi-core (multi-processor) system and don’t experience the problem. I run 8.1 in traditional GUI, rather than the tiled Metro GUI (via use of $5 Start8 utility that forces to traditional GUI on startup and that supplies a traditional Start button). Though I still occasionally see other apps bog the system and cause the cursor to be replaced with the “loading circle”.


  • Use Task Manager to see if something else is dominating CPU, disk, network, etc. usage when this happens.
  • Search these forums using “freezing” and other relevant words to see previous discussions of possibly related issues like this.

Sounds more like Windows problems in Scrivener than Scrivener problems in Windows…

Does the problem happen in any project, even a new blank one, or is it specific to a given project or even to a specific document within the project? As SpringfieldMH pointed out, what you’re trying to load in the editor will affect how much processing power and memory is needed, so if you’re only seeing the slowdown in a specific case, we can take a look at that for a way to speed things up–breaking the document into smaller sections, linking to image files rather than importing them all as in the example, reducing the size of the synopsis card image if there is one, etc. If you’re loading a lot of documents together in a Scrivenings session and seeing slowdown, try just editing them one at a time or in smaller groups. You could also try adjusting the save interval in the General section of Tools > Options from two seconds of inactivity to something a little higher; that often helps with typing lag.