Anyone ever import a wordpress blog?

I’ve seen discussion on going from Scrivener to Wordpress, but I’d likke to know if anyoone has found a reasonable workflow to go from wordpress into Scriener. Specifically, I’d like to have thhe posts wned up in the research folder, with each post being a separate file.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!



Are you admin on the blog? If so, grab a plug-in that lets you export to files and then bulk import them into Scrivener.

Yes, I’m the admin, but I have’t found a plugin that exports a text file for each post. Lots of ways to export posts into a single csv or XML file, but I’d like to Avoid splitting up 400 posts by hand.

That’s really weird. I guess nobody thinks of backing things up these days? Sites I used ten years ago had “save all your posts to files” functions. Well, there is SiteSucker. Pull it all down as HTML and then flip Scrivener’s import mode to convert HTML to rich text, drop them in.

Another solution might be to demo MarsEdit or MacJournal; I think both of those can hook up to a WordPress account, download the posts as entries in their respective interfaces and then export them to RTF.