Anyone remember how to save scrivener to disk??

I just bought the program and instructions advise to not “run” the program.
That’s all Vista Windows wants to do.

Can you guide me in how to “save to disk”?

No one’s at work at Literature and Latte until January 3, and I’m eager to start writing!
Thanks for caring and checking out my post,


Post in the Technical Support section under Windows – you’re more likely to get a reply. I’m on a Mac, so I can’t help.


Since it will be awhile before someone moderatorly comes along to move this, let me see if this helps:

  1. You may have your settings in your browser to always do that (run the program when seeing a .exe). This isn’t the best way to do things anyways, but you should be able to change it. I don’t have everything in front of me, but in Firefox it is under Options > Applications. You can tell it there to always ask vs save the file vs some other option. (I didn’t see .exe when I scanned the list in mine, though I may have just missed it). IE and Chrome will also have options somewhere that determine that.

  2. Try running it anyway. The worst that will happen is that it doesn’t work–you’ll know if it did once it is done. Just be very careful to make sure that the path for install is correct when it asks you, so you put it not in a temp directory.