Anyone tried NaturalReader Mac2?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has tried the NaturalReader Mac2 from Natural Soft? (Sounds a bit like an ad for toilet paper doesn’t it.) The mac version appears halfway down the page at:

I love the idea of someone reading back to me but I’m looking for something a little better than the standard mac Speech offering. This looks like a possibility. Any advice/comments appreciated.

Cheers from Oz

Some options include

Narrator used to be a $20 program before Mariner took over and increased the price to $40. I have not used it.

I have GhostReader and five US English voices. 2 Female (Heather and Laura), 1 Male (Ryan), 1 Boy, and 1 Girl. I think that one language is already included in the price. The voices are definitely an improvement over Apple’s voices, at least up to Leopard. I have no experience with 10.6
Of the 5 voices, I probably only use 2 when I do use the software.

Vic-k comes with five voices pre-installed in his head.
Take care

Where in the world did you order yours?

His head? Clearly he ordered it from Jaysen.

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You have those?

No he doesn`t, but he has lots of pffferrrrtt!! pffferrrrtt!!s

Well it’s up and running. Two British voices Peter and Rachel arrived today on a CD in a jiffy bag - from Canada! The files are too big to download on a slow connection. We are not living in a capital city so its not just life that is a bit slow. We hope to get faster downloads later next year.)

NaturalReader is now working just fine and it is certainly an improvement on the speech default. Funny thing is - and I might just have imagined it - I had installed NR on the laptop and was thinking that having to paste text into a window was turning out to be less than exciting.

I had minutes earlier, updated Scrivener on the main office machine. When I then went and installed NR on the office machine things changed and NR’s Peter just kept talking, reading everything I put the cursor on - no paste to the NR window. It did that itself behind the scenes.

I returned to the laptop and installed the Scrivener update there. Suddenly, Rachel is reading as though she’s been in the house as long as the wife.

Maybe I’m exagerating just a little bit! I think its just the excitement of having other voices around the house. Not that the writing life is lonely in any way.

"Yes I know Skippy. They do talk funny don’t they. No, I could’nt get a voice called ‘Bluey’ and yes, I know she can’t say Abalone. What she can say though is “piss off”.