Anyone up for a beer this summer in the UK?

Hi all!

I am planning a journey to the UK this summer. Starting in Birmingham we’ll visit Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh) and end up for some days in London.

Anybody interested to have a beer or two with me and my wife?

Viele Grüße

The summer is a long time away and my life is chaotic but I live in London and enjoy taking people around on drinking trips.
Contact me nearer the date and tell me what interests you and I will have a list of pubs to drink whilst your wife shops.
Sexist I know but thats what happens.


Gott helfe Herr und Frau juh!! :open_mouth:

Please expand that comment or observation.


In the event that these two, Innocents Abroad, should find themselves within your sphere of influence, their rescue therefrom, would defeat the most sedulous of effort by any known human agency. Their rescue from the Abyss (and, ‘Abyss’, it will surly be, if you are to be their guide), will require the intervention of the ‘Being’, that designed and created the Universe. Nothing less will succeed!

It beggars belief, that, ”I have a list of pubs…” isnt actually a euphemism for, “I know, and am well know in, all that remains, of Londons Dickensian turpitudinous dens of bodily and spiritual iniquity, debauchery and depravity. Hence:


Once your liver is pickled you will be able to understand vic-k. I think. Not sure about that though. There are those here that think true “understanding” is beyond the living and reserved only for those doomed the the 9th circle of Hell.

Mr Jaysen,
Which elements of the preceding discourse, between Messrs. Quietone and Vic-k,
do you find to be beyond your comprehension? Do tell. :confused:
Professor K


Think about it.

Do you mean the 9th bolge of the 8th circle?

Alas, great expectations!

A Dickensian pub crawl to the ninth bolge of the eighth circle of hell. I am looking forward to see all founders of a religion there. :wink:

Hey Juh

Take some pictures of the pub and post em here for those that are stuck stateside. At elast we can be with you in spirit…

And if a Pigeon poos on you while you are in the UK it was none of my doing…

Glauben Sie mir mine freund, with the quietone as your guide…you will! :open_mouth:

When quietones finished with him, thats all that`ll be left of him!

don`t you mean, “…my pooing.”

Sometimes I`m so quick witted, I can hardly live with myself :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You lazy bum. It is only a 3.5 hour trip from stockport to London.

Yeah, but that`s by Spaceshuttle! You seen the price of the tickets!

Birmingham is nearer, and thats siren country!! If she gets her hands on him, its still, “Auf Wiedersehen juh!”

Birmingham? Moi? I’m a good two and a half hours from Birmingham. I’ve been there, though. I’m closer to being a Tractor Girl than a Brummie. And juh would be perfectly safe with me… I am very respectable, really :wink:

Google calls your bluff on the time. Unless you live in a different Stockport. Maybe one on a different planet? … e=UTF8&z=8

yeah!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thats without: tailbacks; road works; diversions etc. etc. on a clear day when you can see forever. And, presupposes youve got a car!

You mean there are places were folks don’t own cars? Blasphemer!

Dickensian pubs.
Dirty Dicks over Petticoat Lane way.
The Coal Hole in the Strand.
That Theatre pub in Islington that still sells beer in old money.
The Salisbury in St Martins Lane