Anyone use Power Writer?

Has anyone ever used Power Writer on the PC? I was using that to write on my PC…but now I own a Mac. I’ve been toying with the idea of still using Power Writer in Boot Mode since I paid good money for that program, but Scrivener is just soooooo nice. Has anyone used both and compared the experiences?

Yep, I tried it several years ago. My memory of it is misty, and possibly confused with its sister application Power Structure, or other similar good-tries-but-now-somewhat-old-fashioned Windows writing programmes launched around the same time . But from what I can remember of it Scrivener is vastly better in numerous ways. Scrivener has full-screen and dual-pane editing modes, it has an outliner, a binder and a corkboard, via “Compile Draft” Scrivener can export in many more ways, via “Edit Scrivenings” Scrivener allows all sorts of re-orderings, it has links, it’s much less prescriptive and more flexible, its UI is much more modern, helpful and attractive, and - importantly - it’s being very actively developed, whereas when I last looked the two Powers were not. To name just a few.


Yes, I used to have a licence for Mac PowerStructure. Technically I still do. Haven’t touched it in many years. But then, I pretty much blew it up with my weirdly structured novel, back then. It didn’t seem to like the notion that some character arcs were going backward, or in loops.

Yep, used it about a year ago.

Had a few problems working with XP and Vista, so I dropped it. Looks like it hasn’t been touched in years.

Not a bad app though as I remember, but I have a thing about not using software that never sees any real updates.