Anyone using a Windows 8 tablet?

Hi all!

Trying to decide if I should wait on the iPad version of Scrivener or just get one of the cheaper Windows 8 tablets or 2-in-1s. Anyone out there using Scrivener on Windows 8, particularly on an atom processor?

Thanks for any thoughts!


If it is Windows RT you are thinking of, then this will not work. Scrivener is not compiled to run on the mobile version of Windows, as will be the case with most of the programs you use, most likely. Something like the Surface Pro on the other hand has been reported as successful.

Thanks! Yeah - RT is such a mess of an idea. Hopefully they will wise up and drop it because it just confuses and disappoints people.

Definitely was thinking of real Windows 8, as anyone should. :slight_smile:

I have a Surface Pro 2 at work. It’s awesome. I don’t understand why it’s not a huge hit, as it truly combines the best of both worlds.

It is a good tablet; smooth, fast and fun to use, and at the same time it’s a real computer. When it’s docked, it’s hooked up to a 24" monitor and a keyboard+mouse and it works like a normal everyday PC. With the keyboard cover, it’s also a laptop.

Because some folks aren’t that keen on Windows to begin with.

Personally, I prefer Android for phones and tablets.

Not trying to start an OS war. Just saying: things like that are probably why.

Bluesman, what are your experience with pro 2 and scrivener? Are there any limitation in the work flow and what about the screen resolution?

Thanks, Simo.

I prefer Android for mobile too, above all else. I have a Nexus 7 and an old Gingerbread phone that will get replaced next year. Love all the cloud stuff Google has to offer. Windows 8 is something completely new and all the touch stuff has absolutely nothing to do with previous versions. I found out that the people who hate it the most still have a bad taste from Windows Vista or even Windows 98 and won’t go anywhere near anything that Microsoft puts out. Play around with it and there’s a chance you’ll probably like it.

The reason why the Surface Pro (2) is such a cool and revolutionary device is that it is a very good tablet and a REAL COMPUTER in one. No other manufacturer has that. Not even anything that’s close. And it it actually works really well. I feel that because people got so hung up on the new start menu (which was too drastic of a move in hindsight, I feel they should give users the option to choose, but that’s another discussion), they overlooked this.

There is no device like it out there, nor will there be any time soon. Microsoft really has come up with something cool here. Even if you’re not a fan of Microsoft, there’s no denying it.

It’s a full-HD screen (1080x1920), so there’s plenty of workspace on there. The screen size is only 10.1" though, so find out if you can work with that. It’s not a problem for me personally. It is extremely sharp and crisp, though. When it’s docked, you can attach any monitor you wish to it. It works like a regular desktop PC then.

The build quality is really good and it’s truly a nice device. You can’t go wrong with it.

This is the dock, by the way.