Anyone using MacSpeech Dictate w/ Scrivener?

I’m fantasizing I can use MacSpeech Dictate effectively with Scrivener. I haven’t bought it yet, I’m curious if any of you are using dictation software.


Doesn’t fully answer your question, but supplies some recent experience.

You can dictate directly into Scrivener just as you dictate into any program. In fact, for me, the program worked better in Scrivener than in the built-in notepad given the bizarre editing problems the notepad seems to introduce.

Still, I don’t use MacSpeech Dictate with Scrivener because of all the problems described in some detail in the other thread. It’s simply not finished software. Fun to play with, but more of a nuisance than a help if you are a working writer intent on getting his daily output in the least possible time.

this has been mentioned in other posts, but dragon naturally speaking does a good job of voice recognition. it’s pc only, which means you’d have to use it in boot camp or with parallels or fusionware or whatever it’s called.

i use dragon mostly with a small recorder (Olympus ds-30). I use the recorder for away-from-the-office dictation for my job. a few months ago, i began using it to catch quick thoughts or notes for my writing, but transcribing was a pain in the head, so i tried dragon. i use the recorder when i’m on the move, so there is often a lot of background noise. this lowers dragon’s effectiveness, but it still beats transcribing it by hand or carting a notebook with me everywhere and then typing my notes from that into the computer. i just plug the recorder into my computer, click on dragon, click on transcribe, and the rest is rock n roll.


Are you using the cheap version of dragon ns or the expensive version? The cheap version was the amazon deal of the day a month ago, I almost took the bait.

MacSpeech has licensed the dragon engine, but I gather its still not on par with dragon ns.

i’m using the preferred version. i got it because the cheap version wouldn’t automatically transcribe from my recorder, which, so far as i was concerned, was the whole purpose for buying it.

i also shelled out about $10 for some sort of software patch from the recorder people so that it would convert the recording to the same format as dragon. if i keep the background noise down, it works almost perfectly. but with a lot of background noise, it will make mistakes. make the corrections using the dragon software. that way, it gets smarter as you use it. after a while, you won’t need to correct it much at all.