Anyone using Scrivener 3 for a 'live' project?

When I first learned of Scrivener (3.x), I loved some of the features, only to find that they weren’t in the Windows version (1.x).

I’ve been a software developer for over thirty years so well aware of what “Beta” means (also what a “Release Candidate” is, and we’re up to 11 now). So:

  1. Are any of you routinely using Scrivener 3 for Windows now?
  2. Typically a release candidate means there should be no show-stopping problems left beyond minor niggles. Is this the case?
  3. When a beta/RC version expires, is it immediately replaced by the next version or will there be a period of “writer’s limbo” between?

My collaborator has been using the Betas for about two years so that we can share projects between her Windows and my Mac.

If you look down through the posts you’ll find that all your questions have been answered many times.

I have also been using the beta version exclusively for all my work- in my case since July 25 2018.

I have been writing my daily website in it, as well as writing academic papers and the outline for a book. I have only ever had one problem, and I cannot honestly remember what it was. It was in September 2018 and it did not lose any work.

I have never had any trouble with the betas being replaced by newer versions. There has never been a “writer’s limbo” in the two and a bit years I have been using the beta. Since it became possible I have used the in-app Help > Check for Updates command and I also have “Automatically Check for Updates” turned on in the Options panel.


I’ve been mostly using the Windows 3 beta for at least a year at this point. I have the Mac version as well, but for various reasons I haven’t replaced my old Macbook Pro.

I am under the (possibly false!) impression that the more serious bugs apply to the interface (i.e., Composer mode not working properly) or compilation. You’re not at all likely to lose work, which is my only real concern. If I run into issues compiling the finished product (or minor issues with word count or whatever), I can work around that.

  1. I’ve been using the Beta for at least a couple years now for 95% of my various writings. I jumped on early in.

  2. No show-stoppers

  3. If I don’t uninstall the prior Beta/RC before installing the new Beta/RC sometimes there will be things left behind from the previous install that don’t affect the program running well - but, I can’t tell if this is Windows’ usual sloppy way of handling updates/uninstalls, or if it’s actually related to Scrivener.

No complaints, and I’ll definitely be buying v3 when it’s released.

Thanks all. 8)