Anyone works on 1.8.x?

Hello Forum,

just would like to ask if anyone working on a 1.8.x Version for Linux?


Does it exist? I thought was the latest.

The Windows version is at 1.8.x. I think he means is Linux going to catch up as that’s based on the Windows version, I think (the UI shows signs of being compiled with Winelib anyway).

Well, also the About says Scrivener for Windows & Linux, so that’s probably more of a giveaway than the Windows 9x-style widgets.

Anyway, if you want faster updates, maybe kicking them a few bucks via Help -> Donate from within Scrivener might help show interest. Presumably if Scrivener for Linux ever gets to production, it’ll be $40 like its Windows sibling.

I think the real point is the Linux version is spun-off the Windows builds by LAP, who is the lead programmer for Windows along with Tiho_D. As I understood it, LAP also likes Linux and therefore he decided off his own bat to do any necessary work to be able to compile it for Linux when he has the time and inclination.

Just at the moment, from all I read, they must be hard at work trying (a) to do all the work still necessary on Windows 2 with parity with the Mac version, and (b) somewhere along the line they are having to do the part of the programming necessary for it to sync with the iOS version, which is currently in internal beta testing, and will almost certainly be out before v. 2 is ready.

With all that on their plates, if I had to hazard a guess, the earliest you could hope to have a Linux update would be after the iOS-compatible version is released.

I’m not a programmer nor involved with Lit&Lat, just a very long-term Mac-Scriv user, and this is just my guess.


Mr X