Anything New Re Accepting Changes from DOCX File?

When I send my manuscript to my editor, I compile it to a DOCX, she makes changes, I accept changes, then I copy an d paste each scene back into Scriv. It’s pretty tedious.

I just wanted to see if there’s any new magic related to this in the Mac/Version 3 Scriv.

If not, I’ll write a Keyboard Maestro macro to make it less painful.

Only the section links and document identifiers mentioned the other day: … 00#p272900

New to Scrivener 3, they make it easier to navigate, compare, and copy and paste when working between previously compiled files and their associated Scrivener projects, but they don’t flow changes back into place automatically for the user.

Section links are further detailed in subsection 20.2.3 of the manual.

Slàinte mhòr.

Ah, very interesting. On Windows I had a macro that did all the copying and pasting. The section links will make that even easier (I’ll use Keyboard Maestro).