Anything Not in Manuscript Shows Up Blank

Hi guys,
So I’m working on a hefty second draft of my novel. Today, I was doing some housekeeping moving files around on my desktop. I moved my current project from Desktop to Documents. Here’s the catch: the project was open.
Bad move, I know. Many other Scriv forum threads have told me this.
The thing is, I saved over that version of the project before realizing that everything NOT in the manuscript (i.e. Trash, Notes (where I have tons of scenes that didn’t fit directly in the draft and all of my worldbuilding research)) was showing up blank. The titles of the scenes show up, but there is no notecard text or text within the documents. Why is this happening?! I’m having a big heart attack moment because I’m absolutely terrified I’ve lost a good chunk of future scenes for good.

The other issue is one of my external drive. I loaded it up to find my most recent backup, in hopes of salvaging some of the information in Notes/Trash/Research, but I was met with a message from Scrivener that says it cannot be accessed. If I move the file to another location, it is then completely blank when I open it.
Please help, I don’t know what else to do and I’m worried I’ve lost all of my information.

EDIT: I opened the file in Documents and found that it is a “recovered” file. Has the whole manuscript, and the icons for the Notes/Trash/Novel Format/Research appear to have the little written icons, but when I click on it, it disappears!

I suspect you may be moving the XML index file (Binder, i.e. .scrivx) when you think you’re moving the project (the .scriv folder). The project is the folder and all its contents. Moving the .scrivx and trying to open it results in a bunch of empty documents. To give you a better answer (if that one is wrong), we’d have to do a Zoom session.

Is this pertaining to the Recovery file?

A project is the whole .scriv folder. If you move or copy a project, you need to handle the whole folder as a unit.
Backups are the same. If they are zipped you need to unpack the zip-file and then handle the whole .scriv folder that results.