AnyThoughts on AnyFont?

My finger is hovering over the Buy button for AnyFont, which lets users install additional fonts on iOS devices.
Would this be of any use for Scrivener, when it arrives on iOS? I would really, really love to be able to continue writing in my usual font (Optima), so I’m wondering if getting this would make sense.
(I’m asking because this seems like something Apple would kick out eventually, and since Scrivener for iOS is still a ways off, time may be a factor.) … 60738?mt=8

I can’t make any promises, but I should think so, given that they describe it as making fonts available to anything using the system font repository.

Yes, switch from Optima to Linux Biolinium: it’s open source and free: and it has true Old Style numerals, which the standard Optima does not. Check the Screenshot.
Screenshot 2014-05-19 14.57.33.jpg