Anyway to alternate margins?


Is there any way to create facing-page margins in Scrivener? What I mean, of course, is to get it to use “Inside” and “Outside” alternating margins, rather than just “left” and “right” margins. I tried selecting “Facing Pages” in Compile Settings (under Page Settings), but to no avail. Is there any way to get it to do this? If not, I highly suggest this as a feature addition, as it would be most useful when creating PDFs intended for publication through services such as CreateSpace. Any ideas, anyone?

Andy H.

While the labels are not changed from left/right, that is in fact what happens when you use the facing pages feature. Below is an example of the output using the stock “Paperback Novel” compile preset (which is a bit of an unofficial CreateSpace output preset).

Great info and thanks - although I would say that this behaviour had me confused for an absolute age. Being able to achieve this is a major feature - it means you can publish straight to a publishable PDF. It might be worth making it clear in the compiler itself in a future version. (I’ve spent hours messing around with Word and InDesign trying to achieve this… only to discover it was there in Scriv all along!)

The manual covers this: … ual-a4.pdf

…and the compiler does mention it: