APA format. Dumb question of the week

Anyone out there can get me on track with using APA format in Scrivener, or at least point me in the direction of a decent tutorial? My GPA will appreciate it. Thanks.

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Are there any points in particular that you could not find in the “About” document that is provided when you create a new project using the APA template? I believe everything should be covered in here, but if we are missing something let me know!

I find that the APA format that is included with Scrivener is pretty well done. Between Scrivener and Papers 2 (both on Mac) I haven not once been dinged for formatting in my studies.

You want someone to find your APA-style errors? Send your paper to me… :smiling_imp: :wink:

:laughing: Will that offer still stand when I hit grad school in a year or so? 8)

Sure, but you don’t know my fees…
…or if I’ll be assessing your thesis/dissertation. :slight_smile:

Where can I find the APA template? Is it only in the Mac OS X version? I have the windows version and I don’t see the APA template.

It is shipped with the OS X version, I don’t know about Windows. However, in all the papers I wrote using Scrivener, including my own thesis, I never used the APA template. In fact, I only ever used the standard template. You don’t need the template to be able to produce work in APA style.

I must be missing something here. I’m not sure how to efficiently cite things. I’m actually working on my thesis proposal and I’ve got all my references on Zotero. How would I reference things? Do I just do it manually and write it out? i.e. (Forester, 1999) and then import my references from Zotero? Is there not an easier way like the way it’s done in MS Word? I’m totally lost.

I haven’t used Zotero, nor trialled the Windows version of Scrivener, so am not sure of the limitations and capabilities of either. On the Mac, using either Papers or EndNote (the two bibliography apps I am most familiar with) you can either drag and drop your references into Scrivener or cut and paste. Either method inserts some placeholder text ready to be converted into properly formatted citations after you compile to Word. I assume that Zotero on Windows would do something similar. You may want to ask on the Scrivener for Windows forum (this thread is on the Scrivener for Mac boards).

Thanks for the info and taking the time to reply :slight_smile: