API for external plugins

So Keith do me a favor and think of this for a v2 idea unless you think it would be easy to add to v1.

I have been looking at some of the requests for features dealing with input/output and think that some type of plug in API would be a good idea. What I envision is the ability to access the data structures (and data) maintained in scriv.

Example would be the blog posting mentioned earlier. I can see an export extension that would post anything currently labeled “completed” then more the item “posted” on successful posting of the blog.

This engine would NOT be part of scriv (unless you want it to be) and could be written in any language usable by OS X (perl, php, Cocoa, objective) and would need to conform to some standard API allowing scriv to interface with it.

Like I said more a v2 feature than a v1.

I’d love to second this feature. I can think of innumerable add-ons for Scrivener, but something of them just seem so unique to my needs (like export to twee format or directly uploading entries to Wordpress) that I couldn’t see cluttering up the zen-like beauty of Scrivener with them for the average writer. A nice plugin API would be great in that regard. And you’ve got at least one plugin programmer right here ready to go!

As much as I still think this is a great idea I don’t think we will be seeing this anytime soon. We can still hope…