Apologies for the lack of a current .deb package

I hadn’t intended to stop building .debs for the beta releases after building only a couple, but it seems a little late to build one for a beta that expires on the 15th. Assuming there are more Linux betas before a final release (or if the final Linux release is a tarball), though, I’ll put together a .deb for that. I’m definitely not the most qualified to do this, so if someone more experienced than I am beats me to it or posts a better one even after I post mine, that’d be just full of coolness-juice and covered in awesome-sauce.

My excuse for falling down on the job–as in the thing that’s been sucking up my time recently–will be posted in the “I’m a Writer” forum later this month.

As to the 32-bit libraries for the 64-bit version, can anyone explain to me in baby-talk how I can make those libraries and any other dependencies I might have forgotten about automagically install when the .deb is installed instead of requiring them to be installed separately? Yes, I’ve looked at the documentation, but I’m still a little lost.

Thank you Rob - that would really help me!

Lemme add another “Thanks” to this list.

A .deb package would be very helpful! Thank you in advance!!!