Apostrophe and the Find/Replace Functionality


I was recently trying to use the Find/Replace functionality to change the name of a character in my story. The character had 2 apostrophes in his name (no spaces). The new name I had decided on had none. I pulled up the F/R dialog box and entered the old name and the new name, then hit “Replace All.” Nothing happened.

To be clear, the F/R functionality works perfectly well if there is NO apostrophe in the “Find” box. And, even with an apostrophe, I can Find, I can Replace, and I can “Replace & Find”. But when I hit “Replace All,” the application just stares at me like a slightly vacant pekingese who doesn’t know how to do the trick I just asked for, but thinks if he just sits there long enough, I’ll give him a treat anyway.

…and, to be honest, I usually do. I’m a big softie. But that doesn’t help with bug-hunting! So…

In my research, I found this other thread that discussed a similar problem where apostrophes seemed to be interfering with desired behaviors of the application, but it was chalked up to the fact that the bulk of the text had been brought over from Word.

Different from that thread, my project was born and raised in Scrivener. Everything in it, including the apostrophes, I typed into the Scrivener application.

Here’s my system info:
Windows 10 Home
Scrivener (I know S3 is coming this year, but I figured I’d post this bug anyway)