Apostrophe spacing


I’m very new to Scrivener and am having a problem with the spacing the programme is applying to words with an apostrophe. For example, if i type: it’s, Scrivener modifies it to: it’ s… rather frustrating behaviour.

A quick search here hasn’t revealed the answer. I’m hoping someone else has seen similar & can offer a solution!



hmmm… when I preview this post, the forum is dropping the 2nd s onto another line… to explain, Scrivener is adding additional spaces between the apostrophe and the following s. I can’t find any way to modify the behaviour in the preferences. Would appreciate any advice!

What’s your computer? Which version of the operating system are you using? What language is your system and/or are you writing in? What font are you using? Is it definitely a space that can be deleted, or is it that the apostrophe is given extra white-space following?

The answers to those questions would help diagnose your problem. I haven’t seen anything like that happening, and to the best of my knowledge, in the two years plus that I’ve been using Scrivener and taking part in the forums, I’ve never seen such a problem mentioned. But it could be that you are using a font which which is peculiar in that way.



Thanks xiamenese, it appears it was indeed a font issue, as I discovered shortly after posting the query. In response to your other queries: it’s a Mac, OS-X 10.6.6, English, the font was LiHei Pro, the white-space could not be deleted and the apostrophe was definitely given additional white-space following.

Changing the font to Helvetica resolved my issues, so yes it was definitely a font issue. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

That’s what I suspected. LiHei Pro is a Chinese font, and although they include Roman characters, the punctuation is Chinese and Chinese is mono-spaced to the size of a character. Those Chinese punctuation marks are one of the banes of my life in the editing that I do here in the Land of the Great Firewall.

Glad your problem’s solved.