Apostrophe & text replacement

I noticed when I go to the full screen, when I come back in the normal editor apostrophes & text replacement don’t work anymore (see image 1). That happens quite often – even if I know I can delete the “interface parameters”.
Capture d’écran 2014-10-09 à 17.34.23.png
But when I go back in the full screen mode, apostrophes and text replacement work…
Capture d’écran 2014-10-09 à 17.39.31.png
Is it a bug of Scrivener?

It may be related to a bug associated to page view on non-full screen editing. Try closing page view and working with the standard editor to see if that helps.

When you say “page view”, you mean when you select the presentation of the text like if it was a page in Scrivener?
(Sorry but my Scrivener is in french…)

You’ll find that option under Aficher/ Affichage en page. It’s a toggle.

Yes, it’s what I thought.
I’m generally in the standard mode editor so I don’t think it’s a problem between the full screen mode and the page view.

The only next thing that comes to mind is something similar reported on this thread:


Does this happen to you on other apps as well or only in Scrivener?

Ok thanks, I will have a look.
No I never noticed the problem on another app. But… I don’t use a lot of apps except Scrivener! :wink: