Apostrophes Replace By Quotation Marks

When I imported one of my files into Scrivener, I opened scanned through to see that several of my apostrophes (mainly if they were use to form a contraction ie don’t, wouldn’t) were replaced by quotation marks. This does not happen for each one, but it happens often enough.


  1. Open Scrivener
  2. File–>Import–>Files…–>Select File

I did not see any topic with this specific problem so I posted it.

Actually, what I thought were quotation marks at a quick glance are doubled apostrophes that were not present in the original file.


The same happens to me since Beta 1.5. I have already posted on this.
This problem comes from Word and it’s “smart quotes”, which is an long known problem.

I have been looking for different solutions.

  1. save to other text processors, then to rtf
    With some file types, no apostrophes are imported, but accented letters are fine.
    With others, the result is somewhat different : SOME apostrophes and SOME accented letters appear twice (such as “à,é,è,ê,ù and even ç”).

In Scrivener, it becomes then easy to “find and replace all”, but this can be only an intermediate solution, as you have to run it every single letter that might be concerned.

One more PROBLEM is that you have to copy these “smart quotes” from inside your document, or to know how to produce them in “find and replace” dialog.

  1. next : I just tried to make the “find and replace” from inside WORD and then save to rtf straight away.


I imported this file into my Scrivener project, and it seems that none of the accented characters has been doubled, and that all my apostrophes are fine as well.

This time, I can no longer believe that the problem comes from Scrivener.