App layout issues when maximizing

Version: Beta (937263) 64-bit - 26 May 2020

When I maximize Scrivener, the panels do not retain the same dimensions. (see attachments)

Not exactly sure what you’re reporting here. When I maximise the Scrivener window, the Binder and Inspector keep their width, so they take up much less screen space (because the maximised window is much bigger). I assume that’s intended, and is what I would expect. Are you not seeing that, or are you saying that’s not what you expected?

I have the same issue. The toolbars on the top start taking up more space vertically when stretching the window beyond certain height.

Check for “Fixed Width Editor”. Go to File->Options (or press F12), then Appearance->Main Editor and untick “Use fixed-width editor” or adjust the size of the fixed-width editor with the controls right above that.

FWIW, I don’t use a fixed width-editor and maximize my projects.

Without a screenshot to be certain, I think you are dealing with the HighDPI issue noted here [url][LH4567] RC6 high DPI version not working?].

The original post had screen shots showing the issues, which did turn out to be the High DPI issue. The standard, non High-DPI install does not have it.