App settings disappered?

I recently had to re-download and re-sync Scrivener to my Ipad. That all went fine, but when I went to change the background color for the editor (from white to the yellow-ish color), I couldn’t find the location that it was in. I went through the gear, and when that did nothing, went to the app settings.

But all the app settings show is that Scrivener is allowed to use photos.

I don’t understand what happened. Did the location for background color get moved? I don’t know why it wasn’t in the app settings- it was before I had to re-download it.

I’ve already deleted and re-downloaded, thinking it may have been an install issue. But it’s not.

Any help would be great. Thank you.

The app settings – as opposed to the project settings – are stored with the Scrivener application itself. It’s not surprising that deleting and reinstalling might reset them.


Yes, I am aware of that. My question is actually more along the lines of how I can get to them again. Since going through the ‘setting’ icon on my ipad doesn’t actually bring up the settings on the Scriviner app itself.

And the settings within the app don’t actually let me do anything but put it into night mode.

There’s a bug in iOS (not in Scrivener, but in iOS itself) whereby when you download or update an app, it can cause the settings to disappear in Settings app. Sometimes this can cause all other application settings to disappear from the list of apps other than the built-in settings; other times it manifests itself as you have seen it, with the settings for the newly-downloaded app disappearing.

The fix is easy: just quit and restart Settings app (i.e. double-tap the home button and then swipe up on the Settings app window to close it, then reopen Settings app again).

All the best,

Thank you! That worked wonderfully! I didn’t know that the Ipad had that issue; this is the first time it’s ever happened to me. Thank you again.

Glad it helped. It happens to me constantly because in order to test development I’ve constantly installing test builds and wiping my Settings. :slight_smile: