App Shortcut for "Revision Mode: None" Conflict

I am attempting to create app shortcuts for all of the revision modes.

[attachment=2]Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 10.15.28 AM.png[/attachment]

Unfortunately it seems like when None is set with a shortcut, it gets assigned to Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > None instead of to Format > Revision Mode > None

[attachment=1]Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 10.13.18 AM.png[/attachment]

Here is where I want None to apply to instead

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 10.15.58 AM.png[/attachment]

This is Apple shortcut creation behaving normally. To force assignment to a second or later instance of a menu item in the menus, you need to enter the entire menu path like this:

Format>Revision Mode>None

Hope this helps!

That did the trick, thanks!

For anyone in the future that finds this the exact format I used for the app shortcut was:

Format->Revision Mode->None

I also referenced this Apple document: