App Store "app broken."

I just downloaded the update from the App Store and now can’t open Scriv at all. I’m getting the following message:

“ is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete Scrivener and download it again from the App Store.”

Well, I’ve tried that twice, and it’s still not working - I get the same error message every time. It’s the last thing you want to see when you’re on a deadline…

Is it just me?


We’re terribly sorry about this; it’s not just you. Please see this advisory here:

As well as Keith’s follow-up. We’ve done what we can on our end, and now we are just hoping that Apple can get this update through as quickly as possible. Tips for getting back to work are included in the message.


I did try the route of downloading direct from your site but it doesn’t recognise me as a registered user, alas. If I use it in trial mode, what effect does that have on files from an existing project? I’m not in a position to wait for Apple, unfortunately.


Had you just purchased the software? The direct-sale version does require that it be launched at least once, as that is what sets up the receipt information. So if you bought it and unfortunately downloaded it on this day, you won’t be able to use the direct-sale version unlocked. However you would have 30 days of demo usage, and this whole mess will most certainly be sorted long before then. The demo is fully featured. The only limitation is the time limit and the nag screen when you start a session.

No, I’ve been using Scrivener for quite some time. There shouldn’t be a problem with recognising it’s already registered.

Because of the extreme urgency of this for me, I’ve now copied the previous version of the app from my laptop (which I hadn’t tried to update, thankfully) and I plan to hang on to that version.


Great! Glad you had a copy available. I’m not sure why that didn’t work for you, we’ve had no reports of that nature in the past. But since you’re set for now it’s a moot issue. We’ll post on the forum when it is safe to upgrade to 2.4 for 10.6 users, so maybe subscribe to that thread I linked to so you get e-mail updates on it.

I am having the same problem.

After purchasing via the App store earlier, I downloaded the file and tried launching it and here is what I get everytime:

“Scrivener” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Scrivener” and download it again from the App Store.

I had downloaded the demo previously (from the website here) and had been tinkering around quite a bit with it - so I didn’t know if having that in place prior to the App store download might have caused any of my problems.

My OS is 10.6.8

For now just continue using the demo version. This problem should be fixed shortly and you’ll be able to re-download from the MAS, or if you’d rather you could just download it once, run it, and then go back to using the demo version (which will at that point be unlocked and continue to run as though registered). You have to run the software from the MAS at least once for the receipt check to work.

The fix for this was submitted to the App Store first thing on Friday morning, as soon as we learned about it, and I have requested an expedited review. So we’re just waiting on Apple passing it through review. Unfortunately, Apple provides no mechanism for us to roll back the version on the App Store to the previous version, so we are entirely at their mercy (and we’re getting hammered with one-star reviews from users who presumably miss the support link). And the last time I asked for an expedited review, it took them longer to reply to that request than it did for the app to get through the review process normally…

We are very sorry for this issue. Unfortunately we have no way of testing the Mac App Store version’s installation process, which is why this bug crept past us (I had hoped Apple tested installation during the review process seeing as we can’t but apparently not). We really hope 2.4.1 will be on the MAS very soon…

Thanks for the response. I will keep an eye out for the update.

For anyone interested, there’s a now full explanation of what went wrong on our blog:

Thanks and all the best,