App Store Issue (Can't re-download)

Hi, I purchased Scrivener last year using the Mac App Store. At the time my Apple account was set up for purchases through the UK store. Since then it’s been changed to work in the French store. I need to re-download Scrivener to a new Mac, but because each store is treated independently, it doesn’t show up in my list of purchases. I can’t change back to the UK store as I have no valid UK credit card and address. Is there a way of downloading without having to purchase again?


If you have already run the App Store version of Scrivener on your Mac, you should be able to download Scrivener from L&L and install that version:

Can’t you also just switch back to the UK store temporarily? If Apple have got a UK store account for you already, I would have thought you could have logged back on to the UK store just by choosing it from iTunes: click on the flag at the bottom of the store screen and then change store. Have you already tried that?

Also, you don’t have to register a credit card with Apple. I haven’t:

[attachment=0]zz 2013-06-20 at 14.43.45.png[/attachment]

It’s a new Mac so it’s never had Scrivener on it. Apple won’t let me back into the UK store without a valid UK credit card and address :frowning:

I suggest you email David at sales (at) literatureandlatte (dot) com and see if he can help you out.

Mr X

That’s a hurdle.

Guess contacting might be your next step.

Perplexed about switching stores—if it is the same Apple ID, it would make sense for Apple to let users switch stores as lots of people migrate.

Could you give a friend’s / family member’s address in the UK? There is an option somewhere that allows you to not give a credit card.

Actually, I think the app store might be having problems. I tried changing country again and now it’s getting stuck in password loops, asking for cookies, telling me to press non-existant buttons, all sorts of strange things. This is happening on two different Macs, so I suspect trouble in Cupertino. I’ll give it some time, see if it settles down. Maybe I’ll get away with it after all. Thanks for the suggestions.

Success! I used an iPad to change my store to UK. That let me select ‘None’ as the payment method (the Mac App Store didn’t give the option). I put in someone else’s address (shhh :wink:) and now it’s letting me download Scrivener and all the other apps I purchased from that store.

This seems to be a bit of a design flaw in the app store. If you change your account country you can continue to download updates to existing apps (provided they are also sold in your new country’s store, otherwise you’re out of luck), but you can’t download previously purchased apps that aren’t already on the machine.

Anyway, if anyone else runs into the same problem, maybe try using an iOS device to change store.