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searching in app store what name do you use scrivener comes up with another brand?

Well you find it yet because it’s not out. :slight_smile: Try again tomorrow!

Keith, maybe you should actually send out a warning that Scrivener for iOS is called Scrivener and not Scrivo.

Of course one can expect writers to be able to read but who knows what the utter excitement—It’s there! It’s there! Finally! Where’s the purchase button?—might do to people’s eyesight?

Hmm, sadly, that’s probably not a bad idea…

That is exactly why I posted it it seems to me there is a lot of people out there trying to sell apps based on the reputation of scrivener, I never expected to find it today but I would expect to see the normal computer app there and all I see is scrivo

You mean the Mac version of Scrivener? It’s on the Mac App store, not on the iOS App Store.

lunk - no, homeport means “Scrivo” and “Scrivo Pro”, which are third party apps that can open and edit Scrivener files. A lot of our users have confessed them for our official version of Scrivener for iOS, unfortunately; we’re forever getting emails about it.

homeport and suavito - we have sent out a newsletter warning users that they should make sure the app they download is actually called “Scrivener”. We’ve also blogged about it and shared the page via our social media pages, in an attempt to mitigate any confusion.

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I know about Scrivo, but homeport referred to “the normal computer app”, which I took to mean the Mac version of Scrivener. Thereof my question to him.

All the best to you, especially for the big day tomorrow!