App Store Update?

Is there any news regarding the update to the App Store version of Scrivener? Seems like it’s been in review by Apple for quite a long time and I check the App Store almost weekly, but no update.

Where are you seeing that it is in review? I have a piece of information on the website that displays it as being in review, and I think all of them are working correctly, but maybe I have the logic flipped for one of them.

At any rate it’s not in review right now and you have the latest version.

Templates can’t be created in the App Store version because of a sandboxing problem, but I was told the bug has been fixed and submitted to the App Store. This was over a month ago and still haven’t seen anything new.

Okay, as far as I know that fix isn’t in the store or in submission. I think what was meant to be said is that the problem has been fixed and is available as a beta build. So, what you can do is download our public beta and use that instead of the Mac App Store version. Take note that at this point in time sandboxing is enforced in the App Store, so the MAS version of Scrivener must save its support files (such as templates) in a different location than our direct-sale version. So if you do intend to use the beta, I would recommend a migration. This is perfectly fine to do, it just means you’d be using the direct-sale version from now on, it will check for your MAS receipt and keep itself authenticated. The advantage is that you can stay on the cusp of bug fixes and such. If you do wish to migrate, please read this article on doing so (note the end of the article will point you to the standard download location, substitute this instruction with the provided beta download above). It contains complete instructions for getting your MAS preferences and support data (crucially, backups!) relocated so that the direct-sale version can be used as your primary copy from that point on.

Ah, I see, maybe I misinterpreted what was originally said. Either way, thanks for the clarification.

I should also note that if all you want to do is make a template, you can download the direct-sale version, open the staging project for that template, create it as you normally would, and then use the New Project window to export template as a file somewhere handy, then close the direct-sale version and import it into the MAS version.

Yes, my sincere apologies for the delay here. There are a few other things I want to get into the 2.4 update, but I’m hoping to submit it soon. As Ioa says, in the meantime you can use the beta or just download our regular version. If it’s just a matter of wanting to save a template, you don’t need to worry about all the migration stuff - you could just download our regular version and use that to create your template, then return to using the Mac App Store version until the update is out. I had really wanted to submit 2.4 to the App Store earlier this month, so I’m sorry that things are running behind.

All the best,