App store vs. website download?


I’m going to be a new user of this software. My Asus pc just bit the dust (after five novels written!) and I decided to make the switch to Mac.

I’ve been wanting to use Scrivener ever since another writer recommended it to me.

My question is this:

I bought the mac from my college bookstore. They had a deal running that any new mac purchased they will give you $100 towards the mac app store.

What is the differences Scrivener has between the app store and the download here?

I write a lot and I don’t want to purchase this from the app store if I am going to miss out on some functions.

Vice versa also!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for wanting to buy Scrivener! The good news is that there is absolutely no difference between the Mac App Store version and the version on our website other than the way they are registered (our website version requires a serial number that we provide, whereas you register the Mac App Store version just by buying it and downloading it from the MAS).*

So, you can use your $100 towards Scrivener on the Mac App Store without having to worry about any missing functionality.

All the best,

  • Actually there are a couple of minor differences at the moment, but only because 2.1 was a Lion update and so I had to submit it to the MAS a week before Lion was released to be sure it would get through the review process in time, and then fixed a couple of extra - minor - things before releasing on our web store. As soon as 2.1.1 comes out in a couple of weeks they will be completely back in sync though.

Perfect. Thank you!

I’m sure once I start getting to work on it I’ll have lots of other questions :slight_smile:

We’ll be here. :slight_smile: