App taking up ALL the CPU consistently

I am constantly getting Scrivener taking up the CPU, causing my iMac to spin up to try and deal with it. The only thing that resolves it is quitting and restarting. This seems to be happening a LOT lately. Is this a known issue? Are there plans to fix it?

What version of Scrivener do you have?

What specifically are you doing?

How big is the project?

This is not a known Scrivener-wide issue. It can sometimes occur under a variety of circumstances, ranging from handling of very large projects to corruption of Scrivener’s settings files. So we’ll need more information to offer useful suggestions.


Half the time I’m doing nothing, it will just be sitting in the background. The project is about 50k words, not large. Today I had a separate window open for a short story, but that was 500 words.

From Activity Monitor, select Scrivener and use the View ▸ Sample Process menu command. This may take a little while, but once it is done, click the Save... button in the top right, and attach a copy of that to a private message to me (click on my avatar and then the Message button). If you can, I would r

If the software is getting stuck in an infinite loop of some sort, that may provide some clue as to what is causing it.

You mention having a separate window open, have you yet tried not having your main project open? That would at least confirm whether or not the issue is data related.

I’ve sent you two files, doing it pretty consistently.

Today it has been at it all day long. Spinning up hard right now - will have to shut down and restart for the 3rd time.

Thanks! We’ll take a look and see if there is anything suspicious.

In the meanwhile I would suggest logging out of your account on the Mac and then logging back in with the Shift key held down, from the moment you press Return on the password until you are fully logged in. This will stop any utilities you typically use from starting up. So from there I would just launch Scrivener, so that only it and Finder are running, essentially, and see if the problem returns.

If it does not, then it’s matter of going through the software you typically use, launching them one by one and testing for a bit, until you find the one that is the culprit.

If it does return, then what I would try is working in a different project for a bit, as a test, to see if the problem is data related. I’d keep what you test with as simple as possible. You mentioned a 500 word short story project, maybe that would be a good one to test with. The main thing is to not have your main project open at any point (you can launch Scrivener with the Shift key held down to inhibit auto-load). For example you might have a web page archived that is poorly designed and trying to do too much.