app trading allowed?

I buy into those software bundles macstories et al promote and usually have half the programs in the set. The programs are productivity oriented and fairly popular so I think they’d help folks here. I’d like to trade my unused licenses for other software if that is permitted. This seems like a good place to do it with all the people up and up on the mac scene. is it permitted to post that here?


This is fine as far as forum rules are concerned, so go for it; just make sure that the licences are transferrable, obviously. (Our EULA stipulates that the licence is non-transferrable, for instance.)

All the best,

Well necessarily by not using the software yet I haven’t agreed to the EULA’s so they are quite transferable.

From the bundles, I have the following unused licenses
I have

  • DEVONthink Personal Edition(Not the app store version so it is more scriptable) - I have DevonThink Pro office and it is fantastic software, my work centers around it.
    -Civilization 5 - great game, already have a copy
    -Keycue - also I have this already. very very useful.
  • My Living Desktop, pretty cool
  • Espionage - folder encryption
  • A better finder rename

I would like in order of preference, but other interesting software not listed here will certainly be considered.
Sublime Text 2
Ironic Software’s Yep