apparent poor rendering of fonts in latest beta

Document editor fonts

The font rendering in scrivener running on ubuntu 10.10 (e.g Arial or Ubuntu fonts) seems very “thin” … quite unlike font rendering in openoffice writer for example where fonts are smooth and anti-aliased. I remember that font rendering looked better in the previous beta.

I’ve looked through tools > options but can’t see any obvious anti-aliasing options to improve the font rendering.

In ubuntu system > preferences > appearances > fonts

I have subpixel smoothing selected.

It is only in scrivener (linux beta) that I have poor font rendering.

Any options I’ve overlooked?

[p.s.] After posting I see that there is a later beta released … would that be any better in font rendering?

I couldn’t open the last beta at all, but the most recent one has fonts that look normal to me. I don’t use Ubuntu though.

I installed the latest beta on ubuntu 10.10 and I find that the fonts (at 100% view) still look thin … like Courier New.

But if I tweak by changing “view” > “zoom in” a notch (say 105%) the font (e.g. Trebuchet MS) renders as I would expect. So I’ll stay with that tweak for now.

I’m attaching two screenshots to show the difference in rendering.

Does the same font/size look OK in other applications? I’ve tried in the past to make text on my website bold but the font was too small on the screen to display it as bold unless I zoomed in in Firefox. So maybe it’s a size/resolution thing.