Apparently there's a market...

Anyone still interested in book books – you know, those sheets of paper with words printed on them, pasted together and sandwiched between heavier pieces of paper – might be amused by a new cyber(ironically)timewaster at The Book Depository.

It’s a constantly-updated map of the world, showing orders currently being shipped from TBD: what book, and where it was sent.


Now that`s kinky :smiling_imp:
Not much happening in Kazakhstan though :confused:


[quote="PJS"Not much happening in Kazakhstan though :confused: [/quote]
What? You need help. Pass that bottle and I will take the top off for you.



Bothle? Bothle? Dish someone saybothle? Githit 'ere yo.

Here we go again! The Plummeting Standards Syndrome
This is the man that taught, Sewerborg, Paul thequietone, all he knows. He does vices better than anyone.
Saints preserve us :frowning:

I resemble that.

My mother taught me all I know.


I only used, you, as an example of the, lowest common denominator.
Take care, or possibly, don`t.